Making a booking with us is simple

To secure your spot, a £15 deposit is required before play, payable via Bank Transfer or Cash. The remaining balance can be settled upon arrival, or you can choose to pay the full amount via Bank Transfer. We aim to make the process hassle-free, as long as you're serious about football!

Interested in booking multiple slots?

For block bookings, a deposit equivalent to the slot's value is mandatory. If you prefer to book individually, please use our booking line for each play session.

Cancellation Policy:

To avoid forfeiture of your deposit and slot, please notify Kicksonic at least 7 days in advance of any cancellations. Your cooperation ensures smooth scheduling for all involved.

Hourly Prices


There aren’t many rules when it comes to 5-a-side football. All we ask is that you keep it competitive and respectable during play as others, including minors regularly use our facilities. We are serious about a few things though! Do’s and Don’ts can be found dotted around the facility.


It damages our surface and it is dangerous. 


There’s always a time and place, in and around the Pitch is not one of them.